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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Muthathi – A drizzly bike trip

We had visited Muthathi few days back. It is one of my best experiences forever. Suresh, my friend wanted to share his observation about our trip. So here comes…

We wanted to go out as Angu came to Bangalore for the first time and decided to depart Makethatu and Kaveri Sangamam from where the river goes to Hogenakkal. As usual we started with a red bull (me and Prakash), a blacky (Ravi and Angu), and a disco (Arul and karthi). As the road was too good towards kanakapura, just we started blasting our throttle and reached kanakapura around 9am. We had breakfast there and started towards sangamam. Since we didn’t know the route exactly, we missed the route and moved towards muthathi (thought of going to Sangama). We realized after asking to a van guy that we had missed our route. He suggested visiting Muthathi as it was nearby to where we were. So our plan got changed and we started heading towards Muthathi after crossing Sathanur.

Once we started riding at hills road, we felt really good with the nature and splashed few snaps there. It was too cloudy and started drizzling in next few minutes. We were completely wet since there was no place for shelter; though we started moving and reached a temple which is near to muthathi. We saw a deep concave near to the temple. It is really a fantastic place. We splashed for sometime and after all of this, reached muthathi around 11am.

Hardly there was no hotel, but still we had able to find a place where we can give order for food. If you place the order, they will prepare the food for you. We ordered for chicken, rice and etc., we paid Rs.300 for food. We had coracle ride in between the lunch. Myself and karthik started swimming along with coracle (others came by). It was too deep at some point and somehow we managed to cross the river. The coracle guy told us that, how deep it is at some places (20-25feet) and the extra shock was some people had lost their life there. I was really afraid once we heard. Folks, it is too risky to swim at this place; better avoid it.

Again it was started raining. We had our lunch under a palm tree. We wondered how we got six plates of rasam though we had just a vassele of it and we noticed it was varuna bagavan’s leelai. ;)

We started back around 5pm and reached Bangalore by 7pm.

The whole day we were wet. However we enjoyed a lot. It was fantastic experience.

Let me sign off from here… Thanks Suresh.

For Folks who plan to visit:
The best season to visit this place is soon after mansoon, when the river is in full spate. Plese pack your food and of course take some safety gears if you plan to trek.

Places around to visit:
Beemeswari Jungle Lodge and Resorts, Mekedatu, Chunchi falls and Sangama where Arkavati River meets Kaveri.

BTM Layout – Kankapura – Santhanur (take left) – Muthathi. – Approx.110kms one way.

Thanks folks for traveling with us thorough out our journey and again please leave your comments.


narendra said...

it is a very dangerous place. DO NOT SWIM IN MUTHATHI.

RajaKumar said...

My friend lost his life in Muthathi river , pls dont swim there

Anonymous said...

Never get in to water and coracle rides. be aware there are lots of whirlpools and lot of people have lost their life.

Anonymous said...

plz dont swim.. my friend died here

roshan said...

my friend vivek lost his life here... plz support my cause and plz dont venture in this river