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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nandi Hills / Nandidurg – An amazing bike trip

I have been staying in Bangalore for past two years and have never been to Nandhi hills till very recently. Couple of weeks ago one Saturday, just I was talking about Nandhi hills with my friends; unexpectedly everyone was willing to visit Nandhi hills and we planned to depart on the next day.

This time, we could able to pick up 2 of my close friends, but missed Karthik and Kutti. We started hitting the road around 6:20am from BTM layout (Bangalore) and reached Marathahalli in next 15 mins for picking up Sunil and Mani. Mani was joined with Ravi in blacky pulsar, Sunil was with Suresh in red bull pulsar and my favorite Kolandhai was with me in my beauty disco.

Once we were about 10kms from Marathahalli, we felt the road was exceptionally well and we started raising our throttle. We were riding like hell at the speed of 95kmph-110kmph. Soon I noticed my speedometer was not working after riding my disco in the speed of 105-110kmph consistently. We stopped our bikes beside of the road and checked my bike’s speedometer cable. It was not damaged, but came out from one end. See the snap aside.

We again started hitting the road in next couple mins after splashing few snaps and reached Nandhi hills around by 8.30am. As my speedometer was in problem, I could not able figure out the exact distance from BTM to Nandhi Hills. We parked our bikes and started climbing up; we got completely engulfed in clouds. The visibility was not even 5-6 meters. The experience was awesome and we excited a lot (Specially Sunil). When we reached the top of the hills, the whole place was covered by clouds, looked extremely beautiful with natural effects which we like most. See few snaps below. Almost after an hour, the sun came out completely and the scene changed completely at top of the hill. We began walking inside the garden. It was too clean and we enjoyed the beauty and calmness of the place around, splashed some snaps too. We were there almost for 4 hrs. Once we felt it gets very crowded, we started our head back to Bangalore.

It was really nice experience and we enjoyed a lot. We plan to visit again soon.

For folks who plan to visit Nandhi Hills:
It’s a place to be enjoyed at anytime of the year. If you want to enjoy the moment at max, you have to be there before 7am and one more thing be careful with the stray dogs and monkeys on the hill.

Stay at Nandi Hills:
Mayura Pine Top Hotel, started by KSTDC, is a good option to stay. But again, don’t expect much.

After reaching Devanahalli go ahead a bit to find a turn on your left with a board showing "Nandi Hills 26 Kms". Marathahalli Outer ring road > KR Puram > Devanahalli > take left turn as mentioned above > Nandhi Hills – aprox. 80kms one way. Anyway have a look at Wikipedia’s travel guide.

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